Monday, 20 May 2013

Transparency Portal by Oil Company

We all know that we will take only 9 cylinder on Subsidies rate. some time you have question how many subsidies cylinder you have take...? how mane subsides cylinders remain for you...? for answer you must need to visit you gas dealer, but now you don't need to visit your gas dealer for find answer above question.all oil company provide us  "Transparency Portal" to make us update about our LPG usage.

Domestic LPG is a subsidized commodity and the subsidy is borne by the Government of India and the Oil Marketing Companies." Transparency Portal" provides information on the number of HP Gas consumers with each Distributor, the number of Domestic LPG cylinders availed by each HP Gas consumer and the amount of Subsidy borne towards his/her consumption of LPG. link for  Transparency Portal of Different oil company are as below : 

so, now click on your LPG provider company and see how many subsidies cylinder remain for you. and yes keep you consumer no ready.

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