Friday, 17 May 2013

LPG Subsidy to Bank Accounts Transfer Directly

In Upcoming Days, Government of India intends to launch Direct Subsidy Transfer of Cash to the Bank Account Number of LPG consumers in 51 districts shortly. The Consumers who get supply from distributors situated in these districts also will be covered in the scheme.

From this set date, LPG cylinders to Domestic Consumers will be supplied at Non subsidised price and the subsidy amount will be deposited to the Aadhaar linked bank account of the consumer. In case you do not have Aadhaar Number please enrol to get Aadhaar immediately. Also, please visit your bank with Aadhar letter and get your bank account linked to Aadhaar. If you do not have a bank account, open an account linked to Aadhaar without any delay.

In order to avoid last minute rush on announcement of the scheme, Consumers with Aadhaar Numbers are requested to provide the Legible Photocopy of the Aadhaar letter / Card to your Distributor at the show room along with Consumer Number, Name, Distributor Name, mobile number etc. written alongside on the Aadhaar Registration sheet), Along with copy of DGCC (commonly called Blue / Red Book) or recent cash memo or Subscription voucher (SV). Similarly provide Aadhaar letter to your bank for linking your Aadhaar numner to your account to which the Subsidy should be transferred by the Government.

Please note that Aadhaar letter will be considered as Proof of your Identity and address. In case you are not residing in the address mentioned in the Aadhaar letter, you need to provide alternate proof of address along with Aadhaar letter.


  1. Let this government be voted out for imposing the bank account/aadhar and related problems with bank accounts upon the people, just like the previous government was voted out. Let them never come to power again. Let there be total transparency between the people and the government.

  2. Some harsh steps need to be taken by the government in order to prevent the dealers from selling the subsidized LPG cylinders in the open market at the market value. Although the government has provided 12 cylinders per month, an overwhelming majority of people consume far less than this number, the rest being sold in the open market by the dealers. This results in dealers indulging in illegal profiteering and the government's subsidy bill skyrocketing.


Consumer Alert

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